Covered California for Small Business

No one plan fits all. Not all plans or carriers are the right choice. We help the client choose the right plan.

Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) is a health insurance marketplace specifically for small businesses. If your business has 2-100 full-time equivalent employees you can have competitively priced health insurance plans from private companies so both you and your employee can find a plan that fits your needs and budget for your employee contribution.

As employers, you will have a number of different quality health insurance companies that offer standardized health benefits and four defined levels of coverage described in the four metal tiers-Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Through Covered California, you, as small business owners can install a plan where you set a budget for your employee contribution. You can then set your dual tiered choice of either Bronze-Silver, Silver-Gold, Gold-Platinum. Your eligible employees can then choose any plan available that meets their needs and budget.

Why Covered California for Small Business?

Small Group Plans through CCSB have features that other small group health plans do not have.

  • Expanded and affordable options. It is designed as a health insurance exchange with a menu of different health plans where employers can set budgets and employees can choose from different insurers based on budget and need.
  • Employers can get Federal Tax Credits for up to 50% of all employees' premiums they budget. This is the only small group health plan where this is available.
  • Also, unlike Covered California for Individuals and Families where there is an open enrollment window, you, the Small Business Owner have the option of enrolling whenever you choose
  • Employers are able to receive in-person enrollment assistance at no cost from a Certified Insurance agent
  • CCSB is the only group health plan that allows employers to not offer benefits to dependent spouses or children. The dependents can often go to Covered California and get an Individual and Family Plan with APTC. The ACA does not allow this with other group health plans

To Apply Employers need the following.

  • Your Business Name and any DBAs
  • Your Federal Employee Identification Number
  • Your DE9C State Withholding statement. Most recent quarter
  • Total number of Employees
  • Total FT employees
  • Employee and dependent census: name, date of birth, home zip code.

Applying for Covered California, whether you are an individual applying for yourself and/or your family, or if you are a Small Business can be complex.  It’s important for you to have a Certified Insurance Agent near you that you trust to provide the right information and help you find the insurance company to meet your needs and budget.

Halili Hilltop Insurance Agency is that trusted Certified Insurance Agent in the Greater Los Angeles area and Orange County.  Contact us and allow us to earn your trust.


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